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We learn of his abusive-scientist parents and the experiments they did that gave him his abilities.

When Jessica convinces Kilgrave to use his powers to save a family, I thought the show was going to set up a startling trajectory for him — redemption — only to snap his cold, sinister self back into focus and reveal the backstory he peddles to be more complicated than he portrays it.

Then there’s the rest of Marvel’s villains: Lee Pace’s Ronan the Accuser in Thor: The Dark World?

Superhero stories trade in masculinity fantasies, whether that be the throwback, nostalgia-tinted sense of justice Captain America represents or the charming rogue Star-Lord who can mess up repeatedly but always narrowly escape inis at times feels myopically focused on Kilgrave to the detriment of what could be building a larger, more lived-in world through her cases of the week, but the show still puts the tropes of my favorite genre to good use. Obsession with how life is shaped by the urban landscape? Characters running from their past and afraid of their future? Its villains are frightening not for being larger-than-life caricatures, but for being all too human.

When Marvel villains are given personal reasons for their actions, they tend to be wan daddy issues or machismo politics.

At best, they’re fun but thinly characterized; and at worst, they're forgettable.

His long con with Luke, culminating in the season’s best fight scene, in episode 12, “AKA Take a Bloody Number,”is intensely interested in delving into the ways women are silenced and cut off from any chance at autonomy — from not believing their stories to turning a blind eye to the physical aftermath of their abuse.

While Kilgrave doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who he’s willing to manipulate, it’s the way he uses women that provides the show’s most sickening material. At first glance, Kilgrave may not seem like a noir villain.

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