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The woman does not make a sound as a large piece of her hair falls onto the drill and is ripped out as the tool falls to the floor.

She is seen studying the damage - a large, slightly red bald patch in the centre of her head.

A woman in China had a sizeable lock of hair ripped from her head while participating in the latest internet craze - eating corn on the cob from a rotating power drill.

Footage posted online showing the unidentified woman performing the “corn drill challenge” when her hair becomes caught in the power tool.

He stops at the Bonneville Speedway to race his motorcycle.

In Las Vegas, he drives around prostitutes on street corners, before deciding to ask one of them, Rose, to join him for a lunch.

He first meets Violet at a gas station in New Hampshire and convinces her to join him on his trip.

They stop at her home in order to get her clothes, but he drives off as soon as she enters the house.

The movie ends as Bud is driving his truck in California. has been cut by about 25 minutes compared to the version shown at Cannes, removing a large part of the initial scene at the race track (about four minutes shorter), about six minutes of music and black screen at the end of the film, and about seven minutes of driving before the scene in the Bonneville Speedway.

He tells her that he did not know what to do, and so he decided to leave the party.

After he came back a bit later, he saw an ambulance in front of the house and Daisy explains to Bud that she is dead, having passed out prior to the rape and then choked to death on her own vomit.

Through flashback scenes, the viewer understands that Daisy was raped at the party, a scene witnessed by Bud, who did not intervene.

Daisy asks Bud why he did not help her, and his feelings of guilt on this are considerable.

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Eater Yang is seen slowly pulling the cob across his teeth as bits of corn go flying.

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