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He said his buddy Pat has a daughter who can sing like a professional. Howard said they talked about it for about 5 minutes. Howard said he got a call from his agent asking if he'd give his blessing for Ronnie to be in an Adam Sandler movie. Howard said Ronnie didn't know that he gave him permission to do it. Howard said he thinks that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is directing this movie. Howard said he knew that because he gave permission to do it. Ronnie said he went with like 20 people and the show was sold out.

Howard said it seemed so important but now no one is even talking about it. Howard said another thing that happened was Maria Menounos talking about having a brain tumor removed.

He said a bunch of people got thrown in the pool with their clothes on. Howard said he's not sure what the financial arrangement is but Sal gets hired and this year they gave him enough to get a bunch of other guys to go. He said he complained about some gigs he was doing and killed it. He said it was the end of the night and they weren't able to get him to leave. Howard said his wife must be rich from that whole medium thing.

Robin said he'd be so bad if he was born in some place like Afghanistan. He said he has a Sonos in his house and that's all he plays all day. He said it was Sal, Ronnie, Richard, JD and Jason up there. Howard said Scott used to get some stuff like that but not anymore. Ronnie said he was asking Sal to get the fuck out of there. Jason came in and said there was a girl dancing and Ronnie was yelling and screaming and they had to go back to get him in the house. Jason said he was yelling to get ice cream on the way to the hotel too. Howard asked if he snuck into his room at the hotel. He said it was Ronnie's idea to bring Larry to the party.

He said he thinks after that they want all of his guys. Howard said Adam must have wanted to check with him. Howard said Ronnie asked if he had heard that Sandler wanted him in a movie. Ronnie said he goes so fast you can't remember what it was. He said Carrot Top heard Kurt Bush was there and he invited them back.

They were making fun of the Kurt Bush name and coming up with other genital-related names.

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